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If you’re interested in helping people in Milwaukee County who defaulted on their federal student loans, please contact us.

Connecting Us to People In Milwaukee County Who Need Student Loan Default Support

The impact of student loan default on a borrower’s life is serious. Default limits access to federal student aid and carries financial burdens, such as collection costs, wage garnishment and tax refund offsets. Overall, default further expands existing inequities and disparities around education achievement, housing, employment and economic security.

ED’s Fresh Start initiative provides an unprecedented opportunity for borrowers to recover from default and get back on track. But many borrowers are confused by the various student loan programs and how they work. Although Fresh Start is not a loan forgiveness or relief program, its benefits are extraordinary and too important to be overlooked or misunderstood.

Our nonprofit organization’s mission is to eliminate barriers and equity gaps that prevent many people from achieving their education and career goals. Based on our expertise in default resolution counseling and financial wellness, the Wisconsin Department of Administration awarded us with an Equitable Recovery Grant. This grant funds our expertise through Student Loan Start Over®.

Our expertise helps borrowers opt into Fresh Start so they land on solid ground after the challenges of default.

But we need your help!

Community organizations are vital in helping us reach every person in Milwaukee County who needs our assistance. Recognizing the need to work together, our supporters share information about Student Loan Start Over and encourage the people at their organizations to contact us for free help. Our pre-made, shareable communications toolkit makes it easy to spread the word.

Contact us to learn more about our program and how you can help spread the word.

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